How I Soar (Part 4)

Little Drabbles about Wash and Zoë’s relationship


Standing in front of the restaurant in this small town, Zoë feels ridiculous. How could she lose a shooting match against a pilot? And now this ridiculous date. What is he trying to reach anyway? She’ll sit there and have a conversation with him if she needs to; Zoë Alleyne takes bets and consequences seriously. But that terrible looking moustache; it wiggles so awkwardly when he talks.

“Ms Alleyne,” Wash’s voice says from behind her.

One breath to pull herself together and she turns around, suddenly facing a bouquet that he’s holding right in front of his face.

“Flowers, for you,” he holds them out to her and she takes them, actually a little flattered, it’s been…never since anyone’s gotten her flowers.

She looks down at them, thinking that maybe she’ll be able to endure this after all.

“Alright, I-,” she stops dead when she looks up and sees his face.

A wide grin settles on his lips; he looks younger than he did.

“You shaved your moustache,” she says.

“Yeah,” he looks down at his feet for a moment before meeting her eyes again, “Yeah, I bet someone a long time ago I’d be able to get a date even with that thing on my face. Now that I have….”

She can’t help a laugh. He joins her and she notices that he actually doesn’t look so bad.

“Come on, let’s eat,” he says, leading her into the restaurant.

FITZ: You’re taking it. End of story. I couldn’t live if you didn’t.
SIMMONS: Well, I feel the same way. There has to be another way.
FITZ: You’re taking it.
SIMMONS: Why? Why would you make me do this?

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Don’t worry, I will protect her. When no one notices me, only she notices my strengths. The only thing I can repay her with is to always keep my shoulder free for her.
Just you

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favourite character dynamics mako mori and stacker pentecost | pacific rim (movie)

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How I Soar (Part 3)

Little Drabbles about Wash and Zoë’s relationship


“Alright, here’s the rules. Wash goes first, three tin cans,” Jayne points to three cans set up nicely on tree stumps across a field. “One shot per can, you miss, you move on. You shoot standing, two hands on the gun. If there’s a tie, we shoot singles ‘til someone misses. Understand?”

Wash nods, determinedly squinting towards the cans.

“Why don’t Zoë get to go first?” Kaylee asks.

“Don’t want him backing out after he sees me shoot,” Zoë replies.

“Wash, you’re up,” Jayne nods to the pilot.

Wash steps up to the slightly uneven line Jayne had carved into the sand with his heel. He lifts his arms and aims for a long moment and shoots. A ‘plonk’ rings through the barely inhabited moon’s desert climate and the first can hits the ground. Wash lets out a breath and whispers a “Yes!” before aiming for the second can. The second can goes down with another ‘plonk’.

This time Wash’s cheer is a bit louder and something resembling nervous anticipation crosses Zoë’s face for a short moment.

The third shot rings through the desert, but no other sound follows and the can stays on its stump.

“Okay, two for three, not shabby Wash,” Jayne takes the gun from him and hands it to Zoë. “Kaylee, come with settin’ up the cans for Zoë?”

“Oh yay, right behind ya,” she follows the big man.

Wash watches the two head across the field, once they reach the stumps he turns to Zoë, “Not too bad, huh?”

She shakes her head, hiding a smile by looking down, “I’ve seen better.”

“I bet you have.”
“Get ready, Zoë,” Kaylee calls as she and Jayne are nearing again.

Wash takes a step closer to Zoë and leans in, his lips only inches from her ears, “You get them, sugar,” he whispers and steps back.

She would’ve kicked him in the gut then and there for calling her sugar, had she not been frozen by his breath tickling her ear. It had sent an intoxicating chill down her spine. Only Kaylee’s excited clapping brings her thoughts back to reality.

She tells herself to focus as she steps up to the line, it didn’t mean anything. And yet her concentration wavers as the way sugar had rolled off his tongue keeps running through her mind.

Zoë pushes the thoughts away and focuses on the can in the distance. ‘Plonk’, goes the first can.


That voice again, what was it suddenly about his voice?

She swallows and fires, but misses.

A gasp of surprise comes from the two onlookers. Wash just grins; his tactic is working.

“You hit this one, we got a tie and sudden death,” Jayne repeats.

“I know the rules, shut it,” Zoë snaps at him.

“Alright, sheesh,” Jayne steps back.

Zoë breathes out and focuses.

“Sorry, hold on,” Wash interrupts, “You’ve got a…,” before he finishes the sentence he wipes over her shoulder, making her jump.

“Whoa, easy, there was a bug on your…right.” The glare she throws at him makes him step back, “Sorry, continue.”

A shot. No ‘plonk’.

Ten and Rose + practically married

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How I Soar (Part 2)

Little Drabbles about Wash and Zoë’s relationship


“Are you sure that’s safe?” Wash asks.

The five-headed crew is collected around the table in the kitchen, meeting to discuss the job at hand.

“I mean, we’ve done crazy stunts before, and she’s a giving ship, but turning one hundred eighty degrees mid-flight might blow something,” Wash continues.

“You said it’s possible,” Mal returns.

“Well, yeah, but….”
“Is it or is it not possible?” Zoë interrupts Wash.

“What are you lookin’ at me for?” he points towards Kaylee.

“Kaylee?” Mal asks, turning to the young mechanic.

“Gee, Cap, I don’t know. It’d be a mighty crazy thing to try.”

“So you’re suggesting not to?” Zoë says.

“If we tried it, and the Catalyser busts, we’d drop like stone,” Kaylee replies.

“Alright, anyone got any other options?” Mal asks.

“I could try a dive, get under them, she’s smaller than Chekhov’s ship. Might give us an opening to turn more gently,” Wash suggests.

“You want to take Serenity under a ship, with a central aerial booster? She’d get sucked right into the turbine,” Zoë returns annoyed.

“Only if I get too close,” Wash answers.

“You’d risk all our lives?”

“It’s not like the one-eighty wouldn’t risk our lives,” Wash replies defensively.

“I ain’t out here tryin’ to get myself killed,” Zoë’s voice grows louder.

“You think I’m tryin’ to get us killed? Fine then, I don’t see you makin’ any other suggestions,” Wash retorts.

Zoë is just about to rise out of her chair with a response when Mal interrupts, “Settle down, settle down. This constant bickerin’ between you two is drivin’ me nuts.”

“Sorry, sir,” Zoë says through clenched teeth, eyes fixed on Wash.

“I hate to interrupt the fun, but headin’ down into them canyons here, could get us some place they can’t follow,” Jayne points at the map on the table.

Mal looks from Jayne to Zoë, back to Jayne.

“Look at that,” Mal says, “That ain’t half stupid.”

“I don’t always got stupid ideas,” Jayne crosses his arms, pouting a little.

“It’d be easiest on her engine, wouldn’t risk anything gettin’ broke,” Kaylee says, smiling towards Jayne, whose forehead eases a bit.

“Alright, it’s settled then,” Mal slaps his hand on the table.

Wash is the first to rise out of his chair, but Mal holds him back.

“Hold on a second there, Wash. You too, Zoë. The rest o’ you get elsewhere.”

“Sir?” Zoë asks, a little impatient, throwing an annoyed glance towards the pilot.

“Look, I don’t know what problems you two got, and I don’t much care. But I can’t have you two bickerin’ and fightin’ all the time. So whatever it is, settle it.”
“I have no problem, Cap’n, but I’m tired of the constant questioning,” Wash says.

Zoë just sighs, “Honestly, sir, the moustache,” she replies, “I can’t look at it a minute longer.”

Wash’s hand juts to his upper lip, protectively coming over his moustache.

“The ‘stache?” Mal asks.

“It bugs me,” Zoë answers.

Mal shakes his head once, “It don’t make a difference to me, but it’d be a kindness if you two could settle it. Now.”

“How?” Wash asks.

“Have a shootin’ match for all I care, just settle it.” With those words Mal exits the kitchen, leaving the two to sit brooding.

“You ever even shot a gun?” Zoë asks after a while.

“Might’ve fired a few rounds back home.”

“So you like the idea of target shooting?”

Wash shrugs, “Good as anything.”

“Fine, I win and you shave that awful thing off your face.”

“Alright, but if I win, you go on a date with me.”

“Excuse me?” Zoë asks half dumbfounded, half offended.

“Some place with real food and there has to be conversation.”

Zoë thinks about it for a moment, “Okay, deal,” she eventually says.

“Deal,” Wash nods once, and gets up, “I best be getting back to the bridge.”